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01 January 2020 @ 12:00 pm
Add. Comment. Wait.
1. It would be great if we had stuff in common but if not it's also okay, people are different.
2. Even though I'm German I'd to talk in English to you. I'd like to improve, so it'd be nice if you tell me my mistakes in grammar!
3. You shouldn't worry about friend-cuts, I don't even really know what they are. XD
4. Please don't get bitchy if I post 'emo'-stuff or entries where I do rant (=> bash ( ̄ε ̄)). This is a diary if you haven't notice. XD
5. Sometimes I'm a really fan-girl (when it comes to Sasuke *cough*) so you should deal with it! :D

I won't add you if you haven't comment here!